Performative reading of the play The Sleeping


One of the events accompanying the Culturo-Futuro! Beyond the limits of imagination conference was the reading of the play The Sleeping, written by one of our guests, Marius Ivaškevičius, which was translated by Tomasz Leszczyński and directed by Oskar Sadowski. The reading was the first public presentation of the play.

Moscow, the beginning of the 22nd century. After a series of wars caused by global warming and the depletion of water resources, the world has changed completely. Survivors of the climate catastrophe live in four large megapolises. To save resources, they live by rotation. When one half of humanity is active, the other sleeps in special thermoses. Every ten years they swap. Both shifts know nothing about themselves, they do not know each other – until the day when Andrei, a refugee from the First Shift, appears in the house of Maia Kot, an insight singer of the Second Shift. The information he brings can destroy the fragile balance between the two halves of humanity.

The new play by Marius Ivaškevičius, one of the most popular Lithuanian playwrights, is kept in the vibes of dystopian grotesque which shows the problems of the modern world: the fear of a global disaster, the migration crisis, the threat of authoritarianism. Ivaškevičius depicts a futuristic world that feels strangely familiar. In what future would we like to wake up?


AUTOR: Marius Ivaškevičius

TRANSLATION: Tomasz Leszczyński

DIRECTED BY: Oskar Sadowski

MUSIC: Tomasz Mreńca

VIDEO: Hanna Maciąg

CAST: Ewa Skibińska, Anna Ilczuk, Rozalia Mierzicka, Katarzyna Strączek, Marta Zięba, Ewa Niemotko, Adam Lisewski, Igor Tajchman, Bartłomiej Jabłoński