Conference The idea of Wrocław. Between foresight and strategy


The conference summarising Wrocław 2036/2056 Social Foresight titled The idea of Wrocław. Between foresight and strategy was held at the Zajezdnia History Centre in Wrocław. It was moderated by Edwin Bendyk. The opening address was delivered by Mayor Rafał Dutkiewicz while the keynote speaker and author of the conclusion was Professor Jerzy Hausner, an economist and former deputy prime minister of Poland.

During the conference, Łukasz Medeksza talked about future scenarios formed on the basis of the foresight while Kamila Kamińska and Tomasz Kasprzak – about the results increasing social participation in the foresight.

The invited architects, strategists and urban planners – Justyna Swat from Paris, Tomas Diez from Barcelona and Jaromir Hainc from Prague – discussed the new wave of urban movements.

The editors of Strategies for the City of the Future publishing series presented its individual volumes. In the same block, Professor Piotr Kłodkowski from Rzeszów talked about the similarities between Wrocław and New Delhi and explained the principles and use of the so-called millet, which gives legal autonomy to different religious groups.

There was also a discussion panel with Professor Andrzej Łoś, the coordinator of the new strategy for Wrocław; Professor Alina Drapelli-Hermansdorfer of the Faculty of Architecture of Wrocław University of Technology; Paweł Kubicki, a sociologist of the Jagiellonian University; and Justyna Swat from Paris.



BLOCK I – Presentation of the results of Wrocław 2036/2056 Social Foresight
PRESENTATIONS: Łukasz Medeksza, Kamila Kamińska, Tomasz Kasprzak

BLOCK II – A new wave of European urban strategies
PRESENTATIONS: Justyna Swat, Tomas Diez, Jaromir Hainc

BLOCK III – Presentation of the series Strategies for the City of the Future
PRESENTATIONS: Grzegorz Lewicki, Piotr Kłodkowski, Marta Żakowska, Izabela Gajny, Tomasz Bojęć

PANEL DISCUSSION: Justyna Swat, Andrzej Łoś, Paweł Kubicki, Alina Drapella-Hermansdorfer
MODERATION: Edwin Bendyk