The publishing series Strategies for the City of the Future

These are the five volumes of publications accompanying Wrocław 2036/56 Social Foresight, which were published at the end of 2016. They contain texts by several dozen authors as well as interviews, analyses and reports.

In volume 0 (Wrocław. Reverse. Scenarios for the City of the Future, edited by Kamila Kamińska, Małgorzata Pięta-Kanurska and Aleksandra Snitsaruk) we write about what lies ahead within the next 20 and 40 years – and we propose our own scenarios, visions and stories.

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In volume 1 (Cities in the New Middle Ages, edited by Grzegorz Lewicki) we introduce the category of neo-medievalism and consider the challenges facing Europe from this point of view.

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In volume 2 (Between Love and Politics, edited by Marta Żakowska) we remind the readers about the hugely important role played in the city by happiness, emotions and passions.

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In volume 3 (Cities of Beauty and Character, edited by Izabela Gajny) we investigate what makes up the architectural and aesthetic style of Wrocław, we recommend the reconstruction of St. Clara’s Watermills and the revival of Świdnicka Street.

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In volume 4 (The Smart and Independent City, edited by Tomasz Bojęć) we critically approach the output of contemporary urban planners of Wrocław, pose questions about the functioning of the city at a time of conflict, and we put forward the clever city model.

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The supervising editor of the series is Łukasz Medeksza. The eponymous “strategies” could be treated as a stimulus to build and foster one’s subjectivity at a time of uncertainty and volatility.