Dance workshops SEE me / ZOBACZ


protoBODY was a series of dance workshops blurring the boundary between the traditionally defined categories of disabled and non-disabled people. The project was based on Contact Improvisation, authentic movement and somatic practices in order to include non-disabled dancers, physically and visually impaired people, blind people, and elderly people in the creative process. During the workshops held over the period of two weeks, the participants prepared the final dance performance that was shown to the public. The methods used during the workshops were adapted to the needs, possibilities and interests of the project participants, who also had an opportunity to exchange experiences and learn from each other.


The last vision of the future prepared during the protoBODY project talked of a city with no wars, where everybody feels safe. It was a story about people who want to get to know each other, understand and accept.


The performance prepared by the See Me / ZOBACZ group, which brought together professional dancers and blind and visually impaired people, was based on close listening to each other and to the dance partners. All the performers had their eyes covered and their moves were guided solely by the sense of hearing and touch.


The audience were asked the following question: what is happening underneath the visible? How deep and lasting can relationships built by rejecting oversimplifications be?


CHOREOGRAPHY: Paulina Swięcańska 
MUSIC: Jakub Dykiert
STYLING: Angelika Wójcik

BLIND PERSONS: Marcin Fiedorowicz, Witold Górak, Małgorzata Modrzyńska, Grzegorz Modrzyński, Tadeusz Sypień 
DANCERS: Sylwia Ciurko, Mateusz Czyczerski, Natalia Drozd, Jakub Gontarski, Zuzanna Nir, Ksenia Opria, Joanna Rybak