Debate On the Identity of a City


The debate of Wrocław sociologists involved in urban research had two aims – to elaborate on the category of a city’s identity in the context of the contemporary debate of scientists and self-government members, and to characterise the principal areas of research. It also presented our state of knowledge about the identity of city dwellers and of Wrocław from a sociological angle.


The debate and discussion with the audience was attended by: Dr Jacek Pluta, who gave the presentation “The identity of a city: How to understand and study it?”; Dr Katarzyna Kajdanek, who presented “The identity of Wrocław – the permanence of the stereotype of the place and its inhabitants according to newest research”; Dr Barbara Pabian, who delivered a lecture titled “Forms of a city’s historical memory. The cityscape as the cultural heritage of Wrocław”; and Dr Mateusz Błaszczyk, who talked about “Identities as a local development resource.”