MiastoLAB programme


MiastoLAB was a project that supported the development of innovative products and services for city dwellers. It was co-organised by our partners – the Social Innovations Workshop, Startup Poland Foundation, Krakow Technology Park, the company Comarch and the community of Code for Poland. The main function of the project is to support young innovators working at the intersection of culture, creativity and the notion of the Smart City.

The project offered support in two ways – firstly in the form of a networking mentor panel, which gave the young innovators an opportunity to meet practitioners who have already become renowned in this area (including the president of Krakow Technology Park or a Smart City specialist at Microsoft). The second form of support provided them with a complex R&D service based on the methodology of Living Lab and Design Thinking.

Three initiatives were included in the project:
1. Lab60+ was an innovative initiative put forward by the Laboratory of Architecture 60+, which proposed a complex approach to planning urban spaces in a way that accounts for the needs of elderly people. Its flagship product is Lens60+.


2. Car Lot is a system of monitoring parking spaces that allows drivers to find free parking spaces in heavily congested areas, helps them to park the car and warns against unintentionally taking up more than one parking space. 3. The map of waste-free world is an interactive map of places were broken or unneeded items can be returned or repaired.