City of the Future in Łódź


The seminar titled Radical inclusion – the democratization of urban democracy was intended to initiate a debate on new ideas about the city and its development. When the traditional model of managing the city has been exhausted, creating the foundations for a new one calls for creative imagination and the inclusion of everybody. However, the democratization of urban democracy, inclusion, empowerment, co-dependencies and co-management require a concrete form in the everyday practices of urban life. How to change the practices of city life and the power relations in order to reclaim the future? What scenarios does the future hold in store for Łódź?

The starting point for the discussion was lectures by Jerzy Hausner (focusing on the concept of the “city-idea” and a new perspective on the urban question) and Edwin Bendyk, who presented the main conclusions arising from the City of the Future / Laboratory Wrocław programme and Wrocław 2036/56 Social Foresight. Leszek Jażdżewski opened the seminar part, during which the participants discussed the consequences of adopting solutions such as guaranteed minimum income, obligatory participation in elections or local currencies – which are still considered experimental, although they have already been implemented in some parts of the world – for the life of the city and its inhabitants.