Future scenarios for Wrocław

The main result of Wrocław 2036/2056 Social Foresight are scenarios for Wrocław’s future. At the end of 2016, four such texts were prepared by Łukasz Medeksza. Their working titles are: 1) Romanticism and/or Liberalism; 2) The New Middle Ages; 3) Cold War Modernism; 4) Optimism of Modernity. They are based on proposals formulated by experts and activists who cooperated with our foresight group throughout 2016.

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We also present a set of texts which use a similar form of scenarios to broaden five working visions for Wrocław that were put forward in mid-2016 during the course of work on a new strategy for the city. This part of the publication was supervised by Professor Małgorzata Pięta-Kanurska of Wrocław University of Economics. The texts were written by herself and four other authors: Joanna Wyrwa, Wioletta Wrona-Gaj, Piotr Szymański and Łukasz Maślanka. These visions describe future Wrocław as one of the five leading science and culture centres in Europe; the best and most beautiful city-garden in Europe; the Silicon Valley of Central Europe; a meeting place; and one of the most important ports on the New Silk Route, which connects China and Europe.

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The complement are literary scenarios – collection of short stories about Wrocław that were written in autumn 2016. Their authors are: Magdalena Gruna, Ilona Witkowska, Olga Chrebor, Tomasz Jakub Sysło, Hanna Janczak, Margaret Ohia and Katarzyna Niepogodzińska. This part of the project was created and supervised by Kamila Kamińska. As she writes, the invited writers “are inhabitants of the city, although somewhat unusual. In a typically Polish, homogenous city I managed to find people representing different cultures – Wrocław dwellers who look unlike other residents, speak languages other than Polish, have different roots and dreams.” The authors usually wove their narratives around the cards of the City of the Future, which had been prepared especially for the project by Patrycja Mastej. They depicted their own heterotopias of Wrocław – different, dissimilar places.

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