Dance workshops FEEL me / POCZUJ


protoBODY was a series of dance workshops blurring the boundary between the traditionally defined categories of disabled and non-disabled people. The project was based on Contact Improvisation, authentic movement and somatic practices in order to include non-disabled dancers, physically and visually impaired people, blind people, and elderly people in the creative process. During the workshops held over the period of two weeks, the participants prepared the final dance performance that was shown to the public. The methods used during the workshops were adapted to the needs, possibilities and interests of the project participants, who also had an opportunity to exchange experiences and learn from each other.


The first instalment of the story about the future told with dance, which was prepared by professional dancers and senior citizens from Wrocław, concentrated on the human body as an indispensable element of the surrounding nature. We are often tempted nowadays to highlight the distance between man-made civilisation and the wild, unpredictable or even dangerous nature. However, in our subconscious there is hidden a very basic and deep need for direct communion with nature, which is where we came from and where we instinctively want to return.


The intergenerational spectacle Feel Me / POCZUJ provided an opportunity to experience the connection between nature and culture, which resulted in living sculptures appearing in Staromiejski Park (10 September) and Dunikowski Boulevard (11 September).


CHOREOGRAPHY: Paulina Swięcańska
STYLING: Angelika Wójcik


SENIORS: Małgorzata Czaban, Honorata Dudek-Frysiak, Elżbieta Dudź, Beata Lachowicz,  Magdalena Sztylińska, Krzysztof Sztyliński
DANCERS: Karolina Chromczak, Mateusz Czyczerski, Katarzyna Donner, Natalia Drozd,  Katarzyna Kamecka, Monika Kolbusz, Diana Kubicz, Żaklina Małolepsza, Ksenia Opria, Ola Osowicz