Exhibition Body


The starting point for the idea behind the BODY exhibition was the notion of the Anthropocene – an era when humans have such a profound influence on nature and the changes occurring in it that it is reflected not only in the living geosystem and climate processes, but also in geological processes. There are so many challenges faced by the man of the Anthropocene that the exhibition concentrated on the closest environment that people can affect – their own bodies – and how they are perceived, what they mean today, what we allow them to do, how we modify them, how we change their properties, and why we find them fascinating. The interdisciplinary project at the Pokoyhof Passage presented the products and concepts of speculative design created by artists, designers, photographers and documentarians from all over the world.

The exhibition was curated by Dorota Stępniak, who has been the initiator, manager and curator of many events at the intersection of art and design, such as the Łódź International Design Festival (2007-2010), FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland (2010-2014), Photofestival – the International Festival of Photography (2003-2010) or the Łódź Biennale (2006). Among the artists invited to take part in the exhibition were James Auger (UK), Domenic Bahmann (DE/AU), David Catá (ES), Ti Chang (US) and many others.