Performance The Dolphin Who Loved Me


The subject of the Culturo-Futuro! Beyond the Limits of Imagination conference was introduced by the spectacle The Dolphin Who Loved Me, directed by Magda Szpecht (produced by Kolektyw 1a), which was held in the UFF club-café one day before the discussion panels.

The project tells the story of a secret laboratory in the Caribbean and focuses on the relationship of a young researcher with a dolphin. This is the starting point for a story about the connections between science, metaphysics, feelings and the limits of humanity. The plot revolves around an experiment on human communication with dolphins, which was conducted by NASA in 1965. For half a year, 23-year-old Margaret Howe Lovatt lived with a young dolphin named Peter in a specially created and isolated dolphinarium called House of the Dolphin. She spent six days a week teaching him English and watching his behaviour. As the woman and the male dolphin Peter were spending most of their time together, at some point Peter started to exhibit signs of sexual attraction toward Howe Lovatt. As soon as the experiment came to an end, the dolphin committed suicide.

In the performance The Dolphin Who Loved Me, elements of documentary theatre are combined with the new media and motion. The soundtrack is composed of dolphin sounds recorded under water as well as fragments of lessons given by Margaret. The spectacle has been shown in many festivals in different countries. It received the Jury Prize at the 100° Berlin Festival.


DIRECTED BY: Magda Szpecht

DRAMATURGY: Szymon Adamczak

MUSIC/VIDEO: Karolina Mełnicka

CAST: Jan Sobolewski, Jaśmina Polak, Angelika Kurowska/Sonia Roszczuk

PRODUCTION: Szymon Adamczak / Kolektyw 1a