Research study Diagnosis of Wrocław’s cultural potential

A Diagnosis of Wrocław’s Cultural Potential is a study prepared for the needs of Wrocław 2036/56 Social Foresight by a team of Warsaw University experts led by Dr Mirosław Grochowski.

The study discusses an approach to creativity in a metropolitan city such as Wrocław in the context of the current trends and cultural formation processes. The research was intended to identify the creative fields in Wrocław and diagnose them; to identify practices that should be popularised and fields that require intervention; and to come up with scenarios that will foster the city’s creative potential in the long run in a systemic way that addresses the needs and expectations of all stakeholders.

As proposed by the researchers, the definition of “creative potential” and “creativity” is very broad, which is connected with including the cultural policy of the city into its entire development policy. Creativity and creative participation in culture is a basic way of fulfilling the autonomy and full self-actualization of humans, which is decisive for the autotelic character of creativity, art and culture. At the same time, creativity and forms of cultural expression based on it are crucial for the emergence of a collective identity, social capital and trust, and consequently they determine the community’s potential for development.

The research report will be published soon.