Children’s spectacle City of the Future


The project included theatre and choreography workshops that were held over a period of three months. Children could participate in them for free and every Sunday they learnt songs, the principles of voice emission, the basics of pantomime and dance accompanied by elements of artistic gymnastics. The workshops culminated in a theatre spectacle titled City of the Future, which premiered during the Children’s Conference accompanying Wrocław 2036/2056 Social Foresight. Twenty-three young performers took part in the spectacle. They differed in age (6 to 13 years old), they came from Wrocław and nearby villages, they included only children and children from large families as well as a disabled boy and children of non-Polish nationalities.

During the rehearsals, twenty children were also asked questions about how they imagine Wrocław’s future, what changes they would like to see in the city, and what they would like to do in it. It was important for us to spread the joy of City of the Future and for this reason the little theatre also visited the Sisters Servants’ Care Home and the Care Home run by the Friendly Home Foundation.