Children’s conference accompanying Wrocław 2036/2056 Social Foresight


This untypical conference was held at the Faculty of Pedagogical Sciences of Wrocław University. It was attended by over 300 children from primary schools and kindergartens from Wrocław and Lower Silesia. The event was moderated by Julianna Kamińska, Franciszek Woźniak and Kacper Grądziel of Sport Primary School no. 72 in Wrocław. The participants were greeted by Professor Alicja Szerląg, the Director of the Department of Pedagogical Sciences, and Deputy Dean Professor Iwona Bartoszewicz.

The children listened to a lecture by Łukasz Medeksza and Dr Kamila Kamińska, who presented the results of the research. The lecture was followed by a discussion and voting on the best solutions for the city. The biggest enthusiasm was triggered by pro-environmental initiatives – planting strawberries and raspberries in school gardens, holding library lessons on blankets and the idea of “a tree for hugging” for every inhabitant of Wrocław. The results of the discussion were summed up as a list of children’s postulates for the municipal authorities. The organisers are planning to continue this format, which is innovative in Europe.

The second part of the event was more artistic in character: the children presented the effects of their several-months long work – a film, a spectacle titled City of the Future and artworks.