Installation #BigArtRide


The Bridge Europe was an international project held within the #BigArtRide initiative, which was organised under the patronage of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It was created by DROPSTUFF, a Dutch design studio, and organised in cooperation with Europeana and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

The event was held simultaneously in the virtual space of nine cities: Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, Rome, London, Berlin, Prague, Bratislava and Wrocław.

In Wrocław, the project was located in the Market Square. The main element of the installation consisted of a special bike, which was a medium that connected two cyclists. Both of them were in the main squares of two different European cities (one of them was always Amsterdam) and wore VR helmets. Sitting on the bikes, they raced through a virtual city full of artworks. The project was intended to show a new dimension of the cultural reality by combining state-of-the-art technological solutions with monumental European artworks.