Backyard Foresight


The Backyard Foresight was carried out in Wrocław in yards between old tenement houses, green squares among blocks of flats and in schools. We cooperated with the Municipal Property Board and companies: Wrocławskie Mieszkania and Wrocławska Rewitalizacja. Our most important target audience was neighbours. The project consisted of fairs and picnics, which served as a pretext for asking the inhabitants about the future of their city.

The Association for Critical Education organised games and activities that invited the participants to share their visions of the city’s future development. The residents talked about their needs, what they would like to change or improve, what threats and challenges they perceive. Children used Kapla blocks to construct their dream city. This method made it possible to elicit spontaneous opinions about the city’s future and dreams connected with it. The joy of meeting together in the summer provided an opportunity for the inhabitants to get to know each other, and for the researchers – a wealth of information.