Actions in schools: workshops, cultural animation, research

In 20 or 40 years, Wrocław will be a city of those who are now 5 or 10 years old. For this reason, the so-called children’s foresight was an important element of the project, and we approached the visions created by the children very seriously. We decided that the best way to reach the children would involve actions in schools, which we carried out in cooperation with the Department of Education of the City of Wrocław and with the kind support of its director Jarosław Delewski.

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We prepared a special set of teaching materials, such as a plush puppet called Future Caterpillar, an exercise book for the pupils, a teacher’s book and a number of Dixit-like cards to stimulate imagination. The task was performed by two non-governmental organisations and their volunteers. Apart from conducting lessons based on their original plans, the cultural animators of the Association for Critical Education also provided teachers with training materials that could be used to encourage the pupils to share their future visions and motivate them to reflect on the city’s future. Another part of the project was carried out by the TRATWA Association, and its aim was to work with children and parents to elicit their observations and reservations concerning the development of Wrocław.

Dr Kamila Kamińska supervised the use of a number of activation methods, such as Kapla blocks, mandalas of the future, or mind maps, which made it possible to collect some very interesting material. The actions were held in schools across the city, from Zakrzów to Brochów, and involved over 1,000 young inhabitants of Wrocław. This number will grow even more in the years to come due to the distribution of 300 educational packages.