About the programme

The programme “City of the Future / Laboratory Wroclaw”, part of the European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016, was built on the belief that the world is moving toward profound changes that are already transforming or will transform all dimensions of life of individuals and societies. Their game-changing nature is the reason why the search for answers to the questions about the future can rely on analogies to the past only to a small extent, and must be based more on engaging creative imagination. Where should we look for it? Everywhere: in academic discourse, in the work of artists, in the intuitions of experts, in the actions of activists and hackers, in talking with children and residents of cities.

The programme started as early as mid-2015, during the WRO Media Art Biennial, and was filled with exhibitions and artistic interventions, research, conferences and non-conferences, seminars, animating activities, publications, a documentary film. These all have been bound together by the project Social Foresight Wroclaw 2036/2056, leading to the synthesis – the scenarios of the Wroclaw’s future, a city both unique and universal.